Become a Deliberate Co-Creator with Great Meditation's Free Manifestation Event



Let's Get Together for a Transformational Evening of Meditation and Manifestation

We've LOVED getting to know you through YouTube and now we are SO EXCITED to take it a step further with our first ever LIVE EVENT.


Learn How To Manifest Deliberately

Whether you like it or not, your current reality is your responsibility. Learn how to work with the Law of Attraction in order to become a more deliberate creator of your life to attract the life you love! 

Experience the Power of Live Group Meditation

Together we'll experience a powerful live group meditation designed to help you get into a receptive mode to more easily -and more intentionally - manifest your desires.

Connect with Like-Minded Individuals

Throughout the event there will be moments to connect with others in the group from the comfort of your own home. You can relax in jammies while still feeling the power of connection.

Sign Up For Our Live Manifestation Event Today

We are only offering this first event for free. In the future there will be an admission fee, so take advantage and join us in this momentous and transformational occasion.

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